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Combat Patrol Pack
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Woodland Camo
NSN: 8465-01-287-8128
Size  18” x 7.75” x 17.5” (L, W, H)
Cu.In.: 2441
Liters: 40 L

Used to carry mission essential items on short missions; detachable; serves as a top cover for large field pack w/internal frame (CFP-90). This pack is also capable of being transported by the detachable shoulder straps or attached to the front of a MOLLE II pack  and worn on the chest. The main pouch is zipper closure with an inner rear panel, and the secondary pouch has Cordlock cinch-cords and buckle closure, as well as compression straps. It is made of the same Cordura nylon waterproof fiber as the MOLLE II system, and features ITX Fastex buckles and slides. Both pockets have foldover waterproof flap. Along either side are Cordlock cinch cords, to compress contents. Designed as a short-range recon pack, this would be excellent for a bookbag.