Load Lifter Attachment Strap, Used (Set of 2)


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Load Lifter Attachment Strap, NSN 8465-01-524-7241, Foliage Green, for MOLLE Rucksack (Set of 2)

Product Description

MOLLE Load Lifter Attachment Straps, SOLD AS A PAIR (one set of 2), are required in order to attach the shoulder straps to the plastic molded frame on an RFI Issue MOLLE large Rucksack.  These straps are foliage green in color, and are made for use with the ACU-Pattern rucksack, although they can certainly be used with the MultiCam rucksack as well.  1 pair of load lifter attachment straps are required to make a rucksack fully operational.  If a rucksack is issued in fully mission capable (FMC) condition, the load lifter straps will already be attached to the frame and shoulder straps.